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Applications of Graphology

Graphology for Self Understanding

It is said that we have 3 personalities, the one we show to the world, the one we actually have and the one we think we have. Let alone understanding others, it is often difficult for us to understand ourselves. Self-understanding is one of the areas in which graphology is of great benefit.

Everyone has blind spots. These are areas of our personality, which we cannot see or are unwilling to face. We often start believing the impression of ourselves that we artificially project to others. Recognition and acceptance of these blind areas is the first step to change. An understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and our abilities and aptitudes greatly helps us to identify and realize our potential.

Self-understanding through graphology can be of enormous help in achieving success and happiness. In a character analysis the ‘positive’ points generally outnumber the ‘negative’ points and every time you read the analysis, you reinforce the positives and improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. At the same time you become aware of the areas that need to be corrected, giving you further value.

Graphology for Corporate Applications

In corporate life, graphology has great potential in Recruitment, Motivation, Appraisal, Personality Profiling and Counseling; in other words, in building stronger and more appropriate teams. Getting the right persons for the right jobs and retaining them has taken on a greater priority than ever before.

We desperately need to understand people. What makes them tick? What are their attitudes and values? How will they react in a given situation? Can they work with people? Will they fit in with the corporate culture? What motivates them? Are they honest?

Organizations need methods that can evaluate the various aspects of attitudes and values and gain information not normally available from resumes, references and interviews. Such methods need to be easy to administer, reproducible and reliable.

Graphology provides such a method and has the advantage that it can be applied without having to administer a formal test. A graphological analysis can be made from any specimen of handwriting and signature. In half an hour of studying a subject’s handwriting, a competent graphologist would know more about him than after half a year of interaction with him. Graphology can report on a wide variety of personality traits that Human Resource managers look for.

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