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Graphological Analysis
This report will be a detailed analysis of the personality of the subject which will cover facets of the personality including:
• Intellectual traits
• Planning and decision making
• Reliability
• Attitude
• Willpower and determination
• Temperament and work pattern
• Emotions
• Interpersonal and communication skills
• Aptitudes
• Ego and motivation
• Suggested areas of change and improvement.

Integrity Screening
Reports on integrity will include analyses of reliability in general as well as in specific areas such as integrity in finances, communication and reporting, undesirable sexual tendencies, undesirable ego traits, ethical and moral foundation and related areas.

Large-Scale Employee Screening
Large-scale screening for the purpose of selection for interviews or for surveys is available. Handwriting samples will be screened for the presence or absence of specified personality traits and reported in a spread-sheet format.

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