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"Reading between the lines"
The Times of India, October 4, 2008
"Graphology is an untapped resource of great potential, which is now gaining increasing acceptance as a valid tool in determining personality traits."

"It's all in your hand"
The Hindu, October 21, 2002
"What is in a handwriting? Well, everything, if you ask a graphologist. An expert in the field right in our own city is Keith Rosario, who has been practising graphology for 28 years, and is a member of the American Association of Professional Graphologists. He conducts workshops for interested people in Bangalore and even has corporate clients such as Philips Software, Siemens, Crompton Greeves, Jet Airways, and Ernst & Young."

"SMS messages reveal details about character: Study"
The Times of India, October 7, 2002
"Believe it or not... the way you sent an SMS may well reveal your profession or which job you will land!
If one goes by a survey in the US, it will be worthwhile for elders to check out how their children send SMS to find out who they will become in future. Says Keith Rosario, a leading graphologist here, "Text message style is as revealing as handwriting, and teenagers' messages could well indicate what kind of job they would take up."

"Towards a cleaner and greener Delhi"
The Hindu, May 21, 2000
"Bangalore-based signature expert Keith Rosario today pledged his support to the "Clean and Green Delhi'' campaign initiated by Artists for Empowerment in the Capital."

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