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Graphology Workshops

I hold intensive workshops to teach Graphology on an individual or group basis. The workshops are a lot of fun and provide a unique and valuable skill that can give you a competitive advantage over others in disciplines like Human Resources, Marketing, General Management or any areas involved with the handling of people. Workshops can also organized for corporate organizations, public bodies, business schools, etc.

Workshop Objectives:
a. To teach you how to identify a large variety of personality traits from handwriting, signatures and drawings.
b. To enhance your understanding of other's character, nature, attitude and reliability, why people act the way they do, what they will respond to and how they can be influenced.
c. To give you an improved understanding of yourself - your strengths, weaknesses, attitudes and aptitudes. Discover your true potential and learn how to tap it.

Workshop Content:
During the course there will be intensive theory, practical work on the handwriting of people you know, and practical demonstrations of analyses. You will learn in great detail how to analyze people's character from handwriting and drawings. It will also teach you to use shortcuts to identify what individual people are suited for, how reliable they are, what they respond to and how they could be motivated and influenced.

Included in the course fee will be my detailed professional analysis of your handwriting, including areas like intellectual traits, planning and decision-making, reliability, attitude, temperament and work style, emotions, interpersonal and communication sills, aptitudes, ego and motivation and suggested areas of change and improvement. This which will be a valuable guide to tapping of your own strengths and potential as well as to understand and correct your weaknesses.

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